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Tokyo Stands Up to the Challenges of a Post-COVID World

As one of the most innovative cities in the world, Tokyo has listened carefully to experts and taken strategic measures to protect people from the coronavirus. As Governor Yuriko Koike had navigated the capital through a prompt response, new regulations include rainbow stickers identifying safe spaces around the capital, as well as strict adherence to avoid “Three Cs”: closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings. Thanks to its diligence, Tokyo remains a safe, welcoming place for citizens, residents and tourists alike.

The Tokyo Footage & PR Video Collection

Videos to introduce the wonders of Tokyo are available for free through the Tokyo Footage & PR Collection, introduced by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government last year. Video contents can be used by anyone in order to convey the attraction of Tokyo as a travel destination to Japan, be it through news coverage, public relations or industrial promotions for Tokyo. The visual assets can be used without charge on application basis.

COVID-19 Updates

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), various facilities around Tokyo may change their operating days or hours. In addition, some events may be cancelled or postponed. Please check official facility or event websites for the latest updates and information.

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When we think of Tokyo, it is of our other home, a dynamic exciting metropolis, which also has breathtaking nature. Tokyo is a city with cutting edge technology that still values the importance of tradition and culture as well as kindness, community and human values. We are excited to share Tokyo, one of the best cities in the world for experiencing an  unforgettable holiday, offering modernity and tradition in gastronomy, architecture, art and fashion.

Alison Roberts-Brown

Alison lived in Japan for some 20 years working in the travel industry. In Tokyo she ran an international hotel and tourism marketing business before returning to Australia. Alison has an in-depth knowledge of Japan and Japanese culture and a long history of expertise in the travel industry in both Japan and Australia.

Yukiko Arita

Yukiko, born in Tokyo, is now an Australian resident. She has over 10-years experience working in the travel industry previously for a travel agency in Australia specializing in Japan. Yukiko is delighted to share her in-depth knowledge of Tokyo and Japan.

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To find out more about Tokyo’s latest news, insights and plans for the future, visit our official websites below.