Tokyo Suitable for New Styles of Travel and Work

Introduction Traveling is now not limited to sightseeing alone and the purpose and style of travel have been expanding. For example, as seen in portmanteau words like “workcation” (combination of work and vacation) and “bleisure” (combination of business and leisure), “long-stay travel” based on a combination of work and holiday has become more common. Tokyo […]

New & Developed Areas in Tokyo

Introduction Since Tokyo 2020 Games took place, many areas in Tokyo have been redeveloped and new facilities have been constructed, radically altering the cityscape. The following section outlines the transformation Tokyo has gone through including places with a different cityscape due to redevelopment, as well as places where you can trace memories of Tokyo 2020 […]

Sightseeing in Tokyo with Improved Accessibility for the Disabled

Introduction Tokyo is full of diversity based on the fusion of tradition and innovation. As a tourism city, Tokyo has been promoting barrier-free environments in order to welcome diverse visitors with different needs. Especially, thanks to Tokyo 2020 Games, accessibility for the disabled in public transportation, accommodation, and tourism facilities has largely increased. In addition […]

Tokyo Sightseeing: Aiming for Sustainable Tourism

Introduction Sustainable tourism awareness has been on the rise recently around the world. Do you know which elements of sustainable tourism are available in Tokyo? This theme will introduce some of the case examples (elements) that can be readily incorporated into traveling plans, from environmentally-conscious efforts based on the latest technologies to experiences of traditional […]

10 Ways to Enjoy Sightseeing and Beat the Crowds

How to enjoy sightseeing in Tokyo while avoiding crowded areas You may have an impression of Tokyo as a crowded city with packed trains, high-rises, and busy entertainment districts. However, by taking a slightly different approach, you can fully enjoy sightseeing in Tokyo at your own comfortable pace while avoiding crowds

Basic Knowledge Required to Visit Tokyo and Japan in the New Normal

Introduction Are you interested in what kind of preventive measures against infection the businesses in Tokyo and Japan have to welcome tourists? This section introduces you to specific efforts by businesses in Tokyo. It also describes important points that tourists to Tokyo/Japan should know when traveling.