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Tokyo Luxury Experiences

©Happoen Tokyo is a city of contrasts. Here you will find the contrasts of ancient temples and carefully crafted traditional gardens, alongside the latest technology in a modern urban innovation. Luxury does not have to mean expensive; Tokyo has a wealth of enriching experiences from discovering more about traditional culture to immersion in high-end digital …

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Tokyo Accommodation

Tokyo offers an incredible range of accommodation options from high-end luxury hotels and ryokan to boutique and quirky hotels and hostels, there is something for every taste and budget. In this module we introduce the main areas to stay in Tokyo, a selection of highlight top luxury hotels, popular and family hotels as well as …

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Tokyo Culinary Guide

Tokyo is surely one of the most outstanding culinary capitals of the world, a foodie’s paradise with so many types of cuisine to experience and enjoy. Tokyo offers quality international cuisine, French, Italian, Chinese and much more, for the purpose of this course we will focus on Japanese food and styles. This module introduces some …

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Tokyo Attractions

Tokyo is one of those cities that needs to be experienced on many levels. The major attractions and landmarks are so diverse, a combination of the attractions we introduce here will give your clients a window into this complex vibrant city and they allow them to experience the contrasts of tradition and futuristic modernity.

Tokyo Area Guide

Welcome back to Tokyo! This vibrant, exciting Metropolis is vast and can appear daunting until you get to know the main neighbourhoods and discover that each has its very own style and atmosphere. This module will give you an understanding of the main neighbourhoods and major attractions within each. In this module we also share …

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Tokyo Essentials

Welcome to Tokyo Tourism Expert Program! In Tokyo, the traditional and the cutting edge are intertwined in all fields, from cuisine and the arts, to architecture, and the city is a constant source of new inspirations. Every moment, something exciting and unique is born. This training will provide you with important general knowledge, area guides …

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